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The Beginning

A Hudson Valley local, founder Michael O’Herron discovered his passion for brewing while working at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder Colorado. Years later, Mike was drawn home by the landscape and community of the valley. An outdoor enthusiast, Mike wanted to open his brewery in a place where he could also enjoy a beer on top of a mountain, by a river, or at the top of a rockface. On September 12, 2014, Two Way Brewing opened its doors.

At Two Way Brewing Company we believe that the Hudson Valley has everything required to produce beers as unique as any the world has to offer.

The Name

Inspired by the defining feature of the local area, the brewery is named after the “two way” Hudson River. The river is technically an estuary, which is a mixture of fresh water and salty seawater. There are about two high tides and two low tides throughout the day. 

The river was called the Muhheakantuck, or “river that flows both ways” by the Lenape tribe who inhabited the lower Hudson River Valley when the Europeans arrived. The waters of the Hudson River originate in Adirondacks, and flow south through the Hudson Valley, emptying into New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. 


The Beer

It is our goal to use the unparalleled resources of the Hudson Valley to produce unique local beers at a brewery where anyone and everyone can come relax, hang out, and participate in the craft beer experience. Historically, brewing was a community-centered endeavor with breweries across ancient Northern Europe acting more like municipal enterprises. The hope is that the brewery remains a gathering place for locals and visitors alike to enjoy beer and good company.